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2019-2020 Insight Meditation Australia Retreat Schedule
For details of the Teachers, please see their individual profile and schedule.

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2020 Jan | Feb

Dharma Inquiry, an Insight Meditation retreat.
26 January - 2nd February 2019

Teachers Subhana Barzaghi and Will James
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay

This retreat is now fully booked. Thank you

Insight Meditation - known as Vipassana in the Theravada Buddhist tradition - engages in the practice of ethics, mindfulness, depths of meditation,
opening of the heart and wisdom teachings. It reveals the freedom possible in this very life.

Download flyer here (150kb MSWord.docx)

Download Retreat Information sheet here (300kb MSWord.docx)

Download Registration Form here (25kb MSWord.docx)

Ancient Path, Present Moment
A Pilgrimage to important Buddhist sites in Northern India
Commencing February 16th 2019.

A journey to India with Malcolm Huxter

This will be a two-week pilgrimage discovering the roots of Buddhism and cultivating the Heart-Mind through the life and teachings of the Buddha.

Download flyer here (750kb pdf)

For booking and further information go to:

One Day Meditation
Listening to the creative space within
Sunday 24th February

Teacher: Christine Thompson
Venue: Inner North Canberra

We will explore through a range of meditation techniques natural ways of being. Mindfulness of breathing and body will be gentle reminders of the simplicity and beauty of existence.

Download flyer here (760kb jpg)


For more information, please contact Christine directly by email: christine.heartwood.thompson(at)

Deepening into Stillness
Insight Meditation Retreat
22nd - 27th March 2019

Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi and Allan Bassal
Venue: Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning, Wilton NSW (75 min drive from Sydney)

The retreat will provide the opportunity to deepen into awakening presence, being free from the agitations of the thinking mind. When we do experience presence and stillness, most of us are quickly pulled back into the world of the mind which gets caught up in past and future thoughts. Deepening into stillness allows us to examine and transform the habitual limited patterns of mind that create confusion, anxiety and suffering. The retreat will support inquiry into what it means to be fully awake, what takes us out of that state and how to remain more fundamentally present and alive in our daily lives and relationships.

Download flyer here (120kb pdf)

Inquiries: and select this retreat on the Event Calendar
or Email: abassal(at)

Autumn Insight Meditation Retreat
28-31 March 2019

Teacher: Will James
Venue: North Farm, Bellingen

The Retreat follows the ‘Insight’ format of Noble Silence: sitting and walking meditation periods, dharma talks, inquiry sessions, individual meetings with the teachers - along with mindful work and rest periods.

Info & Bookings:

The Path of Awakening
Insight /Vipassana Meditation Retreat
Friday 29th March –Wednesday 3rd April 2019
Teacher: Ellen Davison
Venue: Sangsurya

This retreat offers an ideal opportunity for established meditators to deepen their practice.

Those new to meditation can experience a valuable but gentle introduction to silent meditation and the Dharma teachings in a welcoming, supportive environment.

The retreat program consists of sitting, walking and guided meditation. Meditation instruction, group and individual meetings with the teacher, evening Dharma talks and optional Yoga/exercise periods are also included. Three delicious vegetarian meals are provided each day.

Download flyer here (400kb pdf)

Download Registration Form here (1.6MB MSWord.docx)

For further retreat information email: kuanyinmeditationcentre798(at)

Autumn Retreat 12-14 April
Teacher: Anna Markey
Venue: Glenbarr Retreat Centre Strathalbyn.

This retreat will emphasise a gentle approach to meditation that supports an exploration of your inner world. You will learn how to allow your unique experience to unfold, seeing what you may usually view as unacceptable or mundane in a new way. This retreat is open to beginners as well as experienced meditators who would like to look more deeply into the meditative process itself and bring more ease and acceptance into their sittings.

For information ring Barb Kirke on 08 8555 0247 or bkirke(at)

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) 5 Intensive (3 day option possible)
Saturday 13th - Wednesday 17th April 2019

Teachers: Mal Huxter and Lisa Brown 
Venue: Casuarina Steiner School, Gentle Street, Coffs Harbour NSW

The MSC is a non-residential course.

Aims of the Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive (MSC)
* Learn skills of self-compassion, mindfulness and loving kindness in daily life and formal meditation
* Motivate oneself with kindness rather than criticism
* Heal difficult relationships
* Transform destructive emotions
* Learn how to be present, here now, with kindness

Download flyer here (250kb pdf)

Registrations can be made online:
or contact Karen Plumbe, Course Coordinator:
karen(at) or phone 0416017372

Knowing the way by heart: developing faith and confidence
Sunday 19th May 2019
Registration: 8:30-9:00am
Teacher: Christine Thompson
Venue: Dickson ACT. Details will be given upon Registration

Heartwood Insight Meditation Canberra: One-day Retreat
Meditation instruction based on the Buddha's Teaching of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness
A day of sitting and walking meditation, including a Dharma Talk, time for Q & A plus one-to-one interviews as requested

Download flyer here (2.9MB jpg)

Bali Mountain Insight Meditation and Yoga Retreat
26 May - 2 June 2019

Teachers Will James and Angela McGee
Venue: Bali Mountain Retreat Centre

This unique retreat is held at Bali Mountain Retreat Centre located high on the slopes of Mt Batukaru in central Bali.

The combination of Insight meditation, Yoga, Balinese culture and an idyllic environment combine to open our hearts and deepen our understanding.

Download flyer here (400kb pdf)

Bookings and Info:

Awakening the Heart and Mind Retreat
7th - 14th June 2019
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay
Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi & Carol Perry

This retreat is now fully booked. Thank you

Insight meditation allows us to examine the habitual patterns of mind that create confusion, anxiety and pain. Through the practice of calmness, mindfulness and inquiry we can cultivate wisdom and open the heart.
Inquiry awakens us to our true nature, allowing a sense of profound ease and connection with life.

This is a silent retreat with the retreat program consisting of sitting, walking and guided meditations, meditation instruction, group and individual meetings with teachers, open inquiry sessions, evening Dharma talks, mindfulness work periods, free time and optional yoga periods.

Download flyer here (200kb pdf)

Download Registration Form here (250kb MSWord.docx)

Longhaulers  Retreat
June 14-16 2019

Nunyara Conference Centre, Belair.
This retreat is offered to those who have been in dharma support groups for over a year. It will provide ways for people to deepen and enrich their practise and to connect with and support others in our community.

For information ring Barb Kirke on 08 8555 0247 or bkirke(at)

Insight Meditation Retreat
19 - 26 July 2019

Teachers: Radha Nicholson & Will James
Venue: Sangsurya Retreat Centre, Byron Bay

Insight meditation allows us to see clearly the reactions and distortions that arise in our daily life. It cultivates an awareness of the freedom and clarity that is available in each precious moment.

Info & Bookings:

A Buddhist and Creativity Retreat
9 - 15 August 2019

Teachers: SubhanaBarzaghi & Liz Turnbull PhD
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay

In this retreat we will follow the ancient wisdom within our
own personal bodies and attune to the extraordinary interconnectedness with the Earth, our Great Body, our precious source of everything. Through meditative inquiry, creative writing, art making and mosaic tiling we can explore a wise relationship between our lived bodies and the earth’s abundant wild intricate beauty?

Download flyer here (2.3MB pdf)

Download Registration Form here (250kb MSWord.docx)

Lisa Siegel augustcreativityretreat(at)
Mobile: 0423 362 844

Compassionate Heart, Wise Mind: The Buddha’s teachings on Wisdom and Compassion
Friday August 30th – Thursday September 5th 2019

Teachers: Ellen Davison and Radha Nicholson
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay, NSW

This 6 day retreat will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, Inquiry, Dharma talks, meditation instructions, guided meditations and interviews with the teachers.

Download flyer here (120kb pdf)

Download Registration Form here (110kb MSWord.docx)

Contact: Victoria vjwight(at)

Cultivating the Heart-Mind with Serenity and Insight
Fri Aug 30th - Sun Sept 8th 2019

Teachers: Mal Huxter - Meditation and Lisa Brown - Yoga
Venue: Mt Carmen Retreat Centre, Varroville NSW, near Sydney

This retreat is a dana based seven or three day silent meditation retreat with optional yoga and will involve training and practise in mindfulness, focussed attention, loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity. Yoga sessions will be provided by Lisa Brown.

The retreat will be over the weekend and or the week of 30th August - 8th September 2019 or a 3 day option Fri 31st Aug - Mon 2nd Sept

Download flyer here (780kb pdf)

Please note that this retreat is fully booked, however there is a Wait List if you wish to add your name. 
For registration and information go to: serenity-and-insight-10-day-silent-retreat-sept-2019- sydney/
or contact:
malhuxter(at) 0431768299 
amydempseypsychologist(at) 0401044232

When Buddha touched the earth
An exploration of Eco Dharma

19th - 22nd September 2019
Teacher: Will James and Lisa Siegel
Venue: North Farm Bellingen

This 3-day residential workshop includes both Insight meditation practice and Deep Ecology processes (also known as the Work that Reconnects or Active Hope).

The daily program includes talks and discussions, meditation instruction, walking and sitting meditation sessions, and experiential group exercises based on the work of Joanna Macy and John Seed.

Bookings and info

Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) 5 day intensive 
5-9 October 2019

Teacher: Mal Huxter assisted by Lisa Brown
Venue: Coffs Harbour, NSW.

MSC sessions include meditation training and practice, short talks, experiential exercises, small and large group discussion, optional mindful-compassion movement and home practices. This MSC intensive will involve eight 2.5 to 3 hour training sessions and one 3-4 hour silent retreat focused completely on individual practice.

For info and bookings go to:

Spring Meditation Retreat
16th - 21st October

Teachers: Ken Golding and Anna Markey
Venue: Openlight Camp Centre, Victor Harbor S.A.

The Buddhadharma offers us a way of living. We are invited to build an ethical, contemplative and wisdom-based practice/life, that optimises flourishing or at least a minimum of harm. We live in a time and culture that offers many challenges, difficulties and uncertainty for ourselves, future generations and our planet. This retreat offers us an opportunity to embrace nature, beauty, silence, meditation, dharma talks and reflection within a supportive community.

Download flyer here (230kb pdf)

For information ring Barb Kirke on 08 8555 0247 or bkirke(at)

Open Heart, Open Mind Retreat
18th - 25th October 2019

Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria
Teachers: Carol Perry & Angela McGee

Registrations will open three months before commencement through

A 2 day non-residential retreat
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October
Teacher: Patrick Kearney
Venue: Kuan Yin Meditation Centre

Patrick has over 30yrs experience in meditation practice and teaches retreats throughout Australia. Patrick emphasises the importance of developing independence in practice through the dynamics of meditation and the theory which guides it.

Contact sonyanourse(at)

Developing Insight - One Day Meditation Retreat
Beyond Self and Other
Sunday 27th October

Teacher: Christine Thompson
Venue: Dickson ACT. (Details will be given upon registration)

You are invited to a day of sitting and walking meditation led by Christine Thompson.
Meditation instruction based on the Buddha's teaching of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Download flyer here (920kb jpg)

Information and registration: email christine.heartwood.thompson(at)

Spring Insight Meditation Retreat
7 - 10 November 2019

Teacher: Will James
Venue: North Farm Retreat Centre Bellingen.

At the heart of Will’s teaching is inquiry and insight into the truth of our experience.
This insight reveals the freedom that is possible in each moment and the wisdom and compassion that can emerge through our daily life experience.

Insight meditation not only brings clarity and understanding to the Human condition but also softens and opens the heart bringing a deeper sensitivity in our relationship to life.

This sensitivity then expresses itself as care and concern for each-other and for all life in this time of social and environmental emergency.

For info and bookings

Seven-day (with optional 3 day) dana based silent meditation retreat
to cultivate serenity, insight and the heart qualities
15-22  November 2019

Teacher: Mal Huxter
Venue: Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Corindi Beach, NSW

This retreat will be based on Theravada Buddhist meditation practices. It will focus on training in the cultivation of stillness/serenity and insight meditation. Instruction in the four heart qualities (loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity) will also be provided.  There will be evening talks and workshop style morning instruction with Mal as well as morning yoga sessions with Lisa. Short individual interviews with Mal will be possible after Monday 18th.

Download retreat information here (130kb MSWord.docx)

For info and bookings go to:

Mindfulness, Insight & Liberation:
A Silent Insight Meditation Retreat
30th November to 6th December 2019

Teachers: Christopher Titmuss & Samantha Coker-Godson
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay NSW

This retreat offers a training of the heart and mind toward the realisation of freedom from that which is problematic through the cultivation of the awakening factors.

This classical insight meditation retreat is suitable for both new and experienced meditators and follows the ‘Insight’ format of silence; sitting and walking meditation periods; dharma talks; inquiry sessions; individual meetings with the teachers. There will be daily meditation instruction along with mindful work and rest periods. This is an opportunity to go deeply into ourselves in a supportive and caring environment with a focus on silence, inner renewal, a deep sense of presence and the emptying of the mind to assist with fresh perceptions and insights.

Download flyer here (450kb pdf)

Download Retreat Information here (200kb pdf)

Download Application Form here (50kb MSWord.docx)

For further information, please contact Reni by email: ctscg19(at)


The Inner Revolution
24th - 31st January 2020

Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi and Will James
Venue: Sangsurya Byron Bay
Insight meditation allows us to see clearly the reactions and distortions that arise in our daily life. It cultivates an awareness of the freedom and clarity that is available in each precious moment.

Download flyer here (7.5MB pdf)

For Bookings and info


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