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2014 Insight Meditation Australia Retreat Schedule
For details of the Teachers, please see their individual profile and schedule.

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Vipassana / Insight / Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
25th Jan. – 1st Feb. 2014

Teachers: Ellen Davison & Will James
Venue: ‘Sangsurya’ Byron Bay

This retreat offers an ideal opportunity for established meditators to deepen their practice. Those new to meditation can experience a valuable but gentle introduction to silent meditation & the Dharma teachings in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Insight meditation allows us to see clearly the reactions and distortions that arise in our daily life. It cultivates an awareness of the freedom and clarity that is available in each precious moment.

Download flyer here (900kb MSWord.docx)

Download Information Sheet here (900kb MSWord.docx)

Download Registration Form here (900kb MSWord.docx)

Sati & Satipatthana – A satipatthana retreat
7 – 16 March 2014

Teacher: Patrick Kearney
Venue: Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre, Serpentine WA

This retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. Jhana Grove is operated by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. Practitioners will enjoy a spacious environment, including a private room with en suite bathroom. The centre is close to Bodhinyana Monastery, and monks sometimes drop in for the dharma talks.

Cost: Full time: Early bird: $480.00; Full fee $530.00. Weekend: Early bird: $200; Full fee: $230. Bookings and further information: The retreat is being hosted by the Perth Insight Meditation Group (PIMG).

Contact Sue at suemcburnie (at), or phone her on 08 9438 2509. 

For more information and to download a Registration Form, go to:

Living Dharma Retreat
2nd - 7th April 2014

Teachers: Tarchin Hearne and Will James
Venue: Bundagen

Bundagen Bookings & info

Recollective Awareness Retreat (Autumn)
4th - 6th April 2014

Teacher: Anna Markey
Venue: Glenbarr Retreat Centre Strathalbyn, South Australia

Deepening Practice – A one month satipatthana retreat
4 April – 1 May 2014

Teacher: Patrick Kearney
Venue: Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC), Medlow Bath NSW

This is a one month retreat suitable for experienced practitioners only. It is designed specifically for practitioners who wish to deepen their practice by a longer than normal immersion in the practice. The emphasis will be on creating an atmosphere in which practitioners can develop their own individual relationship to the practice and progress at their own pace. BMIMC is a small and comfortable centre located in the upper Blue Mountains. It allows an intimate and supportive atmosphere for intensive meditation practice.

For more information about BMIMC, visit their website at
Cost: $1,350

Information & bookings: Contact BMIMC at bmimc(at) or phone them on (02) 4788 1024

Insight/Vipassana Buddhist Meditation Retreat
The Path of Awakening
Friday April11th – Monday April 14th 2014

Teacher: Ellen Davison
Venue: Phoenix Rising Retreat, Mullumbimby

The retreat schedule consists of meditation instruction, silent periods of meditation practice, walking meditation, interviews with the teacher, Dharma talks, and optional exercise periods. This retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Download Flyer here (36kb MSWord.docx)

Download Registration Form here (75kb MSWord.docx)

Bali Mountain Retreat
16th - 21st May 2014

For more info

Women’s Retreat Australia
May 23-26

Teachesr: Radha Nicholson and Judy Baderle
Venue: Yarrahappinni, Stuart’s Point, NSW

Contact Judy: jbaderle(at)

Cultivating Wisdom & Awareness Retreat
Friday June 6th – Friday June 13th 2014

Teachers: Subhana Barzhargi and Ellen Davison
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay

Download Flyer here (150kb pdf)

Download Application Form here (270kb pdf)

Path of Serenity & Insight – a satipatthana retreat
6 – 20 June 2014

Teacher: Patrick Kearney
Venue: Kallara Conference Centre, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria

This is a two week retreat suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. The first weekend is the Queen’s Birthday weekend. Kallara Conference Centre is deep in the countryside, and in winter is very cold! Accommodation is in single or shared rooms.

This retreat is organised by the Melbourne Insight Meditation Group.
Check their website at and see

Cost: 3 day long weekend 6-9 June - $285 (+ dāna); 9 day retreat 6-15 June - $645 (+ dāna); 14 day full retreat 6-20 June – $965 (+ dāna).

Information and bookings: Email insightretreats (at), or phone Robyn on 0408 759 754

On Relationship - A two day course of inquiry
June 20-21

Teacher: Radha Nicholson
Venue: Ein Dor, Israel

During the retreat there will be periods of silence as well as small group exploration. We will work with powerful inquiry questions to bring release from habitual destructive patterns in relationship to people, ideas, places and things. There will be an emphasis on release from the dualities that bind us. Often life is shaped by our relationship to acceptance and rejection or fear. Freeing ourselves from habitual patterns opens the way for inspiration, innovation and renewal.

For Information

Weekend Retreat Inquiry into Truth
June 26-28

Teachings of Liberation with Radha Nicholson
Venue Ein Dor, Israel

Radha teaches the liberation of the heart and mind through inquiry and insight. She focuses on finding freedom through the non-dual nature of reality. Her teachings offered with wisdom and compassion express her great love for both the Buddhadharma and Advaita traditions.

For bookings and information see

Weeklong Retreat Freeing the Heart and Mind
June 29th-July 5th

Teacher: Radha Nicholson
Venue: Ein Dor, Israel

Teachings of Liberation with instructions based on the Anapanasati Sutta The retreat follows the Insight Meditation format of silence; sitting and walking meditation periods; dharma talks; inquiry sessions; individual meetings with the teachers; along with mindful work and rest periods. Suitable for both new and experienced meditators.

For bookings and information see

Heart of Inquiry: Insight Meditation
July 18th - 23rd

Teacher: Radha Nicholson and Will James
Venue: Sangsurya, NSW, Australia

This silent retreat will offer instruction in mindfulness meditation, with periods of sitting, walking and reclining. There will be daily dharma talks and inquiry.

Download flyer here (900kb .jpg)

Download registration form here (200kb MSWord.doc)

Bookings, contact Nadine: nadineyoga(at)

Cultivating Mindfulness & Discovering Insight – A satipatthana retreat
26 July – 2 August 2013

Teacher: Patrick Kearney
Venue: Bodhi Zendo, near Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

The retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It will be held at Bodhi Zendo, located above the village of Perumal Malai, near Kodaikanal, in the hills of Tamil Nadu. This is an excellent venue, with very good food and well designed facilities.

For more information about Bodhi Zendo, visit their website at

Cost: 750 rupees per day for foreigners, or 700 rupees for Indians (this includes 350 rupees per day to cover the teachers’ travelling expenses).

Bookings & further information: Contact Mr Ramji, at causmicdance (at), or phone +91 95855 24836

Meditation & Creativity Retreat
"Broken Whole"
Dates: August 21st - 28th 2014
Teachers: Joyce Kornblatt & Subhana Barzaghi
Venue: Sangsurya - Byron Bay

Join us for a week of exploring the wholeness awaiting us in our brokenness. The Buddhist path invites us to turn toward suffering in order to heal our minds and hearts. We’ll use the ‘skillful means’ of meditation and art — mosaics, collage, painting, writing, etc. — to transform what is shattered into beauty and meaning.

Download flyer here (365kb.pdf)

Download Registration Form here (50kb MSWord.doc)

Hazy Moon Spring Zen Retreat
Friday September 26th – Thursday Oct 2nd

A 6 day Zen Sesshin (retreat)
Teacher: Ellen Davison
Venue: Rising Phoenix Retreat, Mullumbimby

You are invited to participate in a traditional Zen meditation retreat. Our practice becomes one of letting go of old habits of mind, of fear, anger, and confusion and settling into the wider and more spacious awareness of the heart mind

Download flyer here (70kb MSWord.doc)

Download Registration Form here (20kb MSWord.docx)

For further information, please contact Rachel on 0427778837. Email: akella74(at)

The four satipatthanas Retreat
26 September – 5 October 2014

Teacher: Patrick Kearney
Venue: Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC), Medlow Bath NSW

The retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. BMIMC is a small and comfortable centre located in the upper Blue Mountains. It allows an intimate and supportive atmosphere for intensive meditation practice.

For more information about BMIMC, visit their website at
Cost: $630

Information & bookings:
Contact BMIMC at bmimc (at), or phone (02) 4788 1024

To register for retreats, use the Retreat Application found on the website, and email or post it to the Centre. The Centre’s postal address is: 25 Rutland Road, Medlow Bath NSW 2780

Insight Meditation & Yoga Retreat
22nd - 26th October 2014
Teachers: Insight Meditation - Will James, Dru Yoga - Robin Macgregor
Venue: Bundagen Community, near Coffs Harbour NSW

This is an ideal opportunity for people to deepen their understanding of Dharma practice & for those new to the practice to gain a gentle introduction to meditation & yoga.

Will James has practiced Insight (Vipassana) meditation for over 30 years and has been teaching for 10 years. He teaches Mindfulness Courses, Dharma study and regularly leads meditation retreats in Australia & Bali.

Robin Macgregor will lead you in Dru Yoga, known as ‘Heart Yoga’. Rob has practiced yoga for over 20 years and is currently studying Dru Yoga. She has worked as a body therapist for over 10 years and has a deep understanding of how the body works.

Download flyer here (1.3MB pdf)

Download Registration Form here (120kb pdf)

Open Heart, Open Mind Retreat, Victoria
23rd - 30th October 2014

Teachers: Carol Perry & Subhana Barzaghi
Venue: Kallara Conference Centre, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria

The retreat will be based on periods of sitting and walking meditation, usually around 45 minutes each. There will also be two optional, gentle yoga classes, a meditation instruction period, and a dharma talk, each day. There is potential to rest throughout the day and there are regular small group and private interviews with the teachers.

Download flyer here (200kb pdf)

Download Registration Form here (120kb pdf)


Recollective Awareness Retreat
24th - 30th October, 2014

Teachers: Jason Siff and Anna Markey
Venue: Longwood Camp, Mylor (Adelaide Hills)

Insight Meditation Retreat Australia
Thursday 30 October, 2014 to Thursday lunchtime November 6, 2014

Teachers: Radha Nicholson and Christopher Titmuss
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay, Northern NSW

This classical Vipassana retreat will include comprehensive meditation instructions in Vipassana (Insight) meditation, a daily talk and regular one to one meetings with Christopher and Radha. The retreat offers the opportunity to go deeply in a supportive and caring atmosphere. The retreat points to inner renewal, a deep sense of presence and the emptying of the mind for fresh perceptions and insights. Suitable for new and experienced meditators. No groups.

Registrations begin on June 1, 2014 To register: mailtwd-insightoct14(at)

Download information here (800kb pdf)

Download Registration Form here (100kb MSWord.doc)

A Meditation Retreat
Thursday November 6 to Sunday November 9, 2014

Teachers: Christopher Titmuss and Radha Nicholson
Venue: Dhammananda Forest Meditation Centre near The Channon, Lismore, NSW, Australia

Contact: jen(at)

Satipatthana retreat
7 – 21 December 2014

Teacher: Patrick Kearney and Kit Laughlin
Venue: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), Taiping Malaysia

This retreat is suitable for experienced and beginning practitioners. Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) is held at a monastery and retreat centre located in the hills above Taiping, which is located on the west coast of peninsula Malaysia, to the south of Penang. The venue is beautiful, and the community is extremely supportive. The retreat provides a taste of meditation practice when it is firmly embedded within its tradition.

In this retreat, Kit Laughlin will be teaching the early morning posture and flexibility session. Kit is the creator of the Stretch Therapy and Strength & Flexibility exercise modalities. He is a long time meditation practitioner who brings to his practice a depth of knowledge of the human body rarely found in the specialised world of Buddhist meditation.
For more information about Kit, visit his website at

Cost: As SBS is a Theravāda Buddhist monastery, the retreat is held on a dana, or “gift,” basis. In Buddhist tradition, the dharma is felt to be of such great value that it cannot be bought or sold. It is not a commodity. It can be received and transmitted only as gift. Participants in this retreat will be expected to contribute to the maintenance of the monastery and to the livelihood of the teacher, who lives on dana.

Information & bookings: For general information on SBS, see their website at

For information about the retreat, contact SBS Programmes Head, Bro. Liew Chit Sien at afx6393 (at)


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