Insight Meditation Australia Buddha
Insight Meditation Australia "House Builder, you have now been seen;
You shall not build the house again.
Your rafters have been broken down;
Your ridge pole is demolished too.
My mind has now attained the unformed nibbana
And reached the end of every kind of craving."
The Buddha (Dhammapada 153.4)

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Carol Perry

Carol Perry leads retreats, weeklong bush yatras (mindfulness walks) & dharma workshops. She has 30 years of Insight meditation experience. She works the process of transformation on many levels and is rooted in a practice of bringing insight into all facets of life.

Carol is the co-founder of Dharmananda a sustainable community in northern NSW. She has lived in community for 40 years. Her commitment to community led to her work as a dispute mediator and teacher of mindful communication workshops.

In addition Carol has a mindfulness-based psychotherapy (Hakomi) practice in Lismore NSW & Melbourne. For more information, please visit Natural Therapy Pages
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Carol's Schedule

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Qualification Details
* Certified Hakomi Therapist
* BA (Melb.) Grad. Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psychology), Cert. Teaching,
* Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Accredited by Attorney-General's
Department, NSW

Carol has twenty years’ experience in community development, as a workshop leader in personal development and as a coach for managers and staff, in the government, education, community and corporate sectors.

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